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Breeding ETH

We embrace the future of Cannabis


Pure Selection Inc. is at the forefront of Cannabis breeding. Our genomic selection speed-breeding approach allows the combination of any characteristics of the Cannabis plants and eliminates the random elements of the traditional breeding processes. Our clients can choose any traits – such as purple buds or mold resistance – and we combine them in unmatched time without the use of transgenic (GMO) modification. As Europe’s leading company, we offer state-of-the-art Cannabis breeding. In collaboration with the prestigious university, ETH Zürich, we are fully sequencing a large number of Cannabis genomes and connect specific genes to the traits of our plants. Consequently, we are able to breed tailored strains according to our clients requirements with unprecedented speed. Not only will we breed elite strains but also improve existing varieties and infuse them with extra benefits, such as disease resistance. Our breeding program is built on the genetics of the most exquisite varieties and relies on years and years of breeding experience. The project has been initiated half a year ago and our first strike is EU-legal Cannabis flowers. There is more to come!

Combinations of any traits
Working with thousands of above described identifiers we are able to combine dozens of traits in one go, the selection processes run in parallel and culminate in a single, new variety.

More generations per year
Thanks to improved conditions we manage to breed more generations annually than what can normally achieved. Besides the targeted breeding, this means the speed of our breeding process receives an extra boost and we can reduce time to market for new varieties by several years.

Improvement of existing varieties
Additional tried and tested methods allow us to specifically improve existing varieties, changing their traits and resistance. Whatever you need us to be improved will be improved.


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